Tamyra Miner – Born 2 Charm

A Designer Making Fashion and Art Display a One-in-the-Same Experience

Camden, NJ What if you could wear clothing and display art at the same time? A local fashion designer & artist has created custom clothing pieces that satisfy great fashion & one-of-a-kind looks that you cannot find anywhere else. Tamyra Miner shows that using your creativity for arts goes way beyond a canvas.

During an exclusive interview with the Editor of the nation’s faith based and professional newspaper for winners, Anointed News Journal, Tamyra Miner, the owner of Born 2 Charm talks about her creative process and her motivation for becoming an entrepreneur.

Here in an interview with Ms. Tamyra Miner. Who is Tamyra Miner?

Tamyra Miner is a mother of two sons. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m the owner of Born 2 Charm boutique. I’m a cancer survivor; I’m a hard worker that is determined and consistent to be in the community. My passion is art and design and I love to give back. I love to help others.

So you are the owner of Born 2 Charm. What is Born 2 Charm and what motivated you to start this business

Born 2 Charm is an online clothing boutique where I resell clothes, but the part that separates Born 2 Charm from the average boutique is that I create wearable art; it is handmade. What inspired me start Born 2 Charm was my illness. I got sick; I am a cancer survivor and I realized that I was at “dis-ease” because I needed to a heal and I needed to pursue my passions.  

I started Born 2 Charm because it allowed me to share the creative side of Tamyra Miner with the world. During my journey of healing, I became even more in tune spiritually. So, a lot of the things that I create through my wearable art with Born 2 Charm is about consciousness and being conscious spiritual beings. Those are the main reasons that I started Born 2 Charm.

You’ve worked in corporate America, and you’ve raised two amazing young men. Eventually, you decided that corporate America wasn’t for you, and you decided to pursue the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. What do you like about entrepreneurship?

What I love about entrepreneurship is the fact that I get to be there for my sons, for my family. I love the flexibility, but I also love the reward after putting your heart and soul into something and seeing what you’ve achieved. It’s something that’s indescribable. It’s something that you wouldn’t feel in a corporate setting.

And you mentioned that Born 2 Charm is an online boutique. How can people go to your site and what can they expect when they get there?

Born 2 Charm can be found online at my site www.born2charm.com

What you can expect is a very nice, well put together site, with fashion forward wear as well as my custom made, handmade pieces.  

You classified your custom pieces as wearable art. I’m looking at you with some dynamic, lovely earrings. Are these an example of your wearable art? 

No, these are by another artisan, and these were handmade by her. So, this is just me supporting that artisan. My t-shirt is something that I designed on the computer and then had it printed out. This is an example of my custom designs, and graphic designs. An example of my wearable art would be some of my hand painted jackets. You’ll also find some tie pieces that I did myself. And I like to say that all my pieces are made consciously with love.

What words of encouragement would you give to a young man or young woman that wants to pursue entrepreneurship?

I would encourage every young man and woman that would like to pursue entrepreneurship to just do it. Sometimes we overthink it and we think that we have to have everything perfect, and we don’t. You just really have to have the desire and the willingness to learn along the way. I would also encourage any young man and woman to pursue a mentor because people that have already done it will be a great to help to guide you. But the most important thing that I would like to say is to never give up… Never give up. I read this book called Think and Grow Rich; it’s a book of different stories. It explained that most of the time, people give up when they are really close to getting to that fruit. They’re out on the limb where the fruit is and don’t realize how close they are to success. So, I would say never give up, even if no one else believes in your dreams. You continue to see them.

What are some of the price points and the advantages of someone shopping with your online boutique as opposed to going into a chain store?

My price points start at affordable and then they progress to a little more on the expensive side, if it’s handmade. But one of the advantages of that is it’s one-of-a-kind, because if it’s handmade, I can’t recreate that again. So, you have a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have. That is an advantage, and it’s made with love. 

So what’s next for Tamyra Miner?

Wow. That’s a great question. I’m looking to continue to grow Born 2 Charm, but I also would love to get out into the community and help encourage other young entrepreneurs and provide them with some of the information that I had to teach myself along my journey. I’m thinking of being a life coach.

With that said, how has your experience of being a cancer survivor motivated you in business? 

Well, I learned that I’m a fighter. It really touched me deep down. I just felt a sense of protection and love. I can’t waste that on doing something that I don’t enjoy. I feel like being a cancer survivor really helped me push forward in my business when things got tough as an entrepreneur; I just used that determination to live and to fight for my business.

Do you take speaking engagements? Do you do workshops if a group or organization were to contact you to do a show or something? If so, how can people reach you

I have not done that, but I’m very willing to do that. If an organization wants me to speak, I’m available through email. I can be reached at [email protected].

You also mentioned that you do canvas work. Do you have art gallery type items for sale or, or is that part of your site?

Great question. I am looking to turn Born 2 Charm into a boutique gallery where I do add some of my canvas pieces that I’ve created. Those pieces are pretty cool because they include art and nature. So, I’m looking forward to adding those one-of-a-kind pieces as well.

The Anointed News Journal has over 180,000 readers, weekly. In conclusion, what do you want to say to the readers of Anointed?

I would like to thank Chris for having me, and I hope that this story finds and touches someone’s heart; I hope it encourages any reader or entrepreneur on their journey to keep pushing, to keep going.

My social media pages are Facebook at Born 2 Charm & Instagram at Born.2.Charm.

The Anointed News Journal thanks Tamyra Miner for her time. Her handmade artwork was beautiful, and we encourage our readers to support her custom clothing designs, jewelry, and art pieces. The clothing and jewelry designs are a work of art in themselves. They display character, power, love, and spiritual consciousness.

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